New Season of DRAMAtical Murder– it’s coming out on Christmas Eve!

DRAMAtical Murder is getting a new season– I can’t wait! The sad thing is that they’re going to be animating the bad endings, which I’m DEFINITELY going to cry at Mink’s ending.. I watched it the other day– I hate that ending almost as much as Clear’s bad ending..

(All in japanese) Here is the video:



Okay.. I’m back. Today was the last day of school, and we got out at like 12:05! Yay.. I feel like it’s Saturday already.. I might post a bit more so I can catch up. I’m going to go ahead and announce something exciting in my next post.

Hetalia: World Twinkle + Update!

I swear I didn’t release this yesterday because I forgot to. TRUST ME. Okay, so I’ve found out (a long while ago) that Hetalia is getting a 6th season. It’s called Hetalia: World Twinkle or something like that. I’m not sure on the name.. But it’s coming out on November 29 in Japan, so later this year for us. (November 29, 2015.) They already got all the cast members back and a new theme song. The english voice actors are coming back the 9th of Demember, a day before my birthday! Isn’t that just awesome?

Here is the Hetalia Archives page about it:

Upcoming Free! Eternal Summer dub!

Hey guys! So I bet most of you have heard of the Free! dub that is incoming. I cannot wait, because Micheal J. Tatum is voice acting Rei, and I am still kinda hysterical about Todd Haberkorn playing Haru, since he plays Italy from Hetalia, also known as one of the most happy-go-lucky characters in anime I have ever seen!

Here is a link to a blog post on Funimations’ website about it: